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50 Web Design and SEO Blogs to Follow Today

Updated: Oct 23

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In the ever-evolving realms of web design and SEO, staying updated with the latest trends, strategies, and insights is paramount for achieving success. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just embarking on your journey, keeping a finger on the pulse of industry developments is essential. To assist you on your quest for knowledge, we've curated a comprehensive list of 50 Web Design and SEO blogs that you should be following today. These blogs encompass a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from design inspiration to SEO best practices and everything in between.

Before we dive into our list though, allow us to introduce you to Young World Marketing. We are a Milwaukee web design company offering innovative and tailored web solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses and individuals alike. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to web design in Milwaukee, the greater Milwaukee area, and entire United States. We creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites that not only captivate your audience but help drive measurable results.

In Milwaukee, SEO for your business is just as important as anywhere else to engage visitors and secure high rankings in search engines. Young World Marketing seamlessly combines artistic creativity with data-driven SEO strategies, making them an invaluable resource for businesses in Milwaukee and beyond.

To strengthen our Milwaukee marketing and reach across the United States, we're constantly seeking the best resources available online. Inspiration comes in many forms as stated by Lindsay Pietroluongo in the blog post, titled "35 Web Design Blogs Worth Following". Our objective is to motivate and empower you by presenting these 50 remarkable blogs. They are designed to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration necessary to excel in the constantly evolving fields of web design and SEO.

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Here's our recommended list of blogs, each offering unique insights and expertise in web design, SEO, and related topics:

  1. Smashing Magazine: A treasure trove of web design and development insights.

  2. A List Apart: Focusing on web standards, accessibility, and best practices.

  3. CSS-Tricks: Providing practical tips and tutorials, particularly centered around CSS.

  4. Web Designer Depot: Offering a variety of web design-related content, including articles and tutorials.

  5. CSS Design Awards: Showcasing exceptional website designs and the latest trends.

  6. Codrops: Exploring cutting-edge tutorials and experiments in web development.

  7. Webdesigner News: Aggregating the latest design and development news, trends, and resources.

  8. SitePoint: Covering a wide range of web-related topics, from design to online business strategies.

  9. Creative Bloq: A hub for tutorials, reviews, and news on web and graphic design.

  10. Webdesignledger: Providing articles, tutorials, and inspiration for designers and developers.

  11. Speckyboy Design Magazine: Offering a diverse range of articles, tutorials, and resources for creative professionals.

  12. Web Design Tuts+: Part of the Tuts+ network, providing in-depth tutorials and courses on web design.

  13. Tuts+ Code: Offering a broad array of coding tutorials and resources for developers.

  14. Noupe: Exploring web design, development, and UX/UI topics with articles and reviews.

  15. Design Shack: A source of design inspiration, tutorials, and informative articles.

  16. Onextrapixel: Known for its focus on responsive web design, providing insights and news.

  17. Six Revisions: A wealth of web development and design resources, including tutorials and articles.

  18. Vandelay Design: Catering to both designers and developers, featuring articles on trends and development.

  19. Hongkiat: Covering web design, development, and technology topics with tutorials and reviews.

  20. Line25: Focusing on creating modern and stylish websites, with tutorials and showcases.

  21. Web Designer Wall: Showcasing web design trends, tutorials, and inspiration.

  22. Smashing Pixels: Offering web design resources and articles to keep you updated.

  23. Envato Tuts+ Web Design: Providing tutorials, courses, and articles on various web design topics.

  24. Speckboy: Delivering web design and development articles, tutorials, and free resources.

  25. CatsWhoCode: Concentrating on web development with tutorials, tips, and code snippets.

  26. Designmodo: Offering web design resources, tools, and articles for modern and responsive websites.

  27. Just Creative: Founded by Jacob Cass, featuring design-related content, including tutorials and insights.

  28. Tutorialzine: Providing web development tutorials, articles, and resources to enhance coding and design skills.

  29. Web Designer Hut: Offering web design inspiration, tutorials, and tools to expand your skillset.

  30. Designmodo Blog: Featuring design-related articles, trends, and resources for visually appealing websites and interfaces.

SEO Companies

  1. Moz Blog: Moz's blog offers in-depth insights into SEO, including strategies, tips, and industry updates.

  2. Search Engine Land: Search Engine Land covers all things related to search marketing, including SEO and SEM.

  3. Search Engine Journal: SEJ provides the latest SEO news, strategies, and best practices, along with industry insights.

  4. Backlinko: Brian Dean's Backlinko blog focuses on actionable SEO techniques and link building strategies.

  5. Neil Patel: Neil Patel's blog offers a wealth of SEO and digital marketing advice, including video tutorials.

  6. Ahrefs Blog: Ahrefs' blog explores SEO and content marketing topics, with data-driven insights.

  7. SEMrush Blog: SEMrush's blog covers SEO, PPC, and content marketing, with actionable tips and case studies.

  8. Search Engine Watch: Search Engine Watch provides news and analysis on SEO, SEM, and mobile marketing.

  9. Yoast SEO Blog: Yoast's blog focuses on WordPress SEO and offers practical SEO advice and tutorials.

  10. features SEO news, expert insights, and guides to help improve your SEO efforts.

  11. Bruce Clay: Bruce Clay's blog delves into SEO, content marketing, and digital strategies for businesses.

  12. CognitiveSEO Blog: CognitiveSEO's blog covers SEO, link building, and content optimization with a focus on data.

  13. SERPs Blog: SERPs' blog offers SEO insights, case studies, and guides for marketers and website owners.

  14. Gotch SEO: Gotch SEO provides in-depth SEO tutorials, case studies, and strategies to boost rankings.

  15. The Hoth Blog: The Hoth's blog offers SEO tips, industry updates, and insights into digital marketing.

  16. RankWatch Blog: RankWatch's blog explores SEO techniques, algorithm updates, and keyword research.

  17. WebCEO Blog: WebCEO's blog covers SEO, marketing, and website optimization with helpful tips.

  18. BrightEdge Blog: BrightEdge's blog focuses on SEO and content marketing strategies for businesses.

  19. Builtvisible Blog: Builtvisible offers SEO insights, content marketing tips, and digital strategy advice.

  20. SEOPressor Blog: SEOPressor's blog provides SEO insights and WordPress SEO optimization guides.

With this extensive list, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to fuel your business. Be sure to check out our blog and website as well for web design services, SEO, and business development.

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