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Paragon Youth & Family Services is a community and strength based Social Service agency that was created to bring hope to youth and families who have become involved in the child welfare or legal system. Through home-based services, court-ordered participation, and our community partners, we help youth and families rediscover their better selves, allowing them to restore hope and rebuild relationships.


We knew we could infuse more passion and power into the work we are called to do. And to do that, we knew we had to build the right likeminded team with the right skills, and endless will to build a better agency. From there, we decided we would be the “paragon” social service agency in the State of Indiana. Our plan is to do things differently. Clients deserve more than just box checking. By training our team to be professional, empathetic, and genuine, our goal is to deliver life changing experiences. We meet out clients on their level of understanding and provide a tailored plan of care (added with community resources) to help guide them to meeting their best selves.

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